Core Values

Core Values of NBNSCOE Solapur

Academic integrity and accountability

Academic coordination unit works for making uniform teaching learning schemes through course files. Structure of course file is decided under the supervision of senior faculties and approval is taken from head of institution and the same is implemented by all faculties uniformly.


Respect and tolerance for the views of every individual.

Every individual is heard during the appraisal process suggestions and comments are noted and are executed in the interest of institution


Attention to issues of national relevance as well as of global concern.

Cleanliness is the major issue of National relevance. Every care is taken to observe cleanliness in campus. Also Institute contributes through NSS camps in Solapur and within the Solapur District. NSS works for awareness amongst villagers for use of Toilets following swachha Bharat Mission. Institution works for reduced carbon contain by reducing paper usage. Notices are released on line through soft copies



Instutution observes fair and transparent system for all teaching nonteaching staff members. Mechanism has been invoked to monitor incoming and outgoing movements of staff and rules are fairly applicable to all including head of Institution.


Appreciation of intellectuals and creative’s.

Institution appreciates good performing students and staff members for their achievements in academic and research works. Best teacher award and best non teaching staff awards are given every year. Learning through on line courses is encouraged and staff doing so is rewarded. Meritorious students are given scholarships. Students creativity is encouraged by deploying them for sports research and cultural   activities