NBNSCOE Alumni Association

Mrs. S. P. Sagat
Ph.D.* (Electronics), M.E (E & TC) Asst. Prof., NBNSCOE, Solapur

(Central Alumni Coordinator)

Holistic development of students and teachers is what we believe in and work for. We strive to achieve this by imbibing an unique value system, transparent work culture, excellent academic and physical environment conducive to learning, creativity & technology transfer. Our mandate is to generate, preserve and share knowledge for developing a vibrant Society.

With this notion, Sinhgad Institutes was established in 1993 under the able and dynamic leadership of Prof. M. N. Navale. N. B. Navale Sinhgad College of Engineering is involved for inculcating the overall dimensions among the modern technocrats, through transformation in technical education and research.

Every year, batch of youngsters with dreams to scale great heights enters this esteemed institution and steps out into the corporate world. Brimming with confidence and nurturing lofty ambitions, they bid farewell to NBNSCOE carrying along memories that they would cherish forever. We believe, our beloved alumni, who are undergone the transformation through our innovative approach would surely grow in stature and stand in future as role models worth emulation.

Our best wishes are always with them.

With this website link, also facebook page, facebook group and linkedIn profile, we, all along with our alumni are strengthening the link of our alumni with their alma mator, also giving them a platform to interact and regroup and ultimately, completing the circle of Sinhgad Family.


NAA Official Logo

About Us

NBNSCOE alumni association was registered on 16th Oct,2015 with Registration no.MH-731/2015 under Society Act of Maharashtra Government(Society Registration Act, 1860)and with name ’NBNSCOE Alumni Association’.

Association body is having total nine members with Our Campus Director,Hon. Mr.Sanjay S. Navale, as President,Our Principal,Dr.S. D. Nawalesir,as Vice- President.Association body also includes four First batch alumni from different branches as member of body.

At the time of completion of formalities regarding Leaving Certificate, Our Passing out student become a lifetime member of NBNSCOE Alumni Association with paying 1000/- registration fees and completing other formalities.This collected fund of NBNSCOE Alumni Association is used to conduct various events and activities under NBNSCOE Alumni Association.

While telling About NAA Logo Meaning, The Word Alumni is highlighted as this logo is heartily dedicated to association of all Alumni of NBNSCOE,Solapur.The Sign Meshed with letter ‘A’ of word  ‘Alumni’ is holding the word ‘NBNSCOE’.This signifies that our esteemed alumni with foundation education from NBNSCOE is growing in their career graph and trying to take our institute’s name  more higher and higher.They are indirectly boosting the reputation of Institutes with their increasing their career graph,as they are supposing that institute has provided  them all those platforms,facilities which made them to improve their personality and skills.

The Hand in Hand Shaped lines indicates the strong bound between Alumni and their Alma-mater.This binding is strong enough not to broken easily and will continue till the point of eternity.

We know the power of unity or togetherness. Single being can’t do the things which can be done by union, association. So,finally,the caption ‘Tie up to Fly up’ is addressing to alumni to tie up with their alma-mater, get together and fly up to achieve their ambitions.


Features of NBNSCOE Alumni Association

  • NBNSCOE alumni association was registered on 16th Oct,2015 with Registration no.MH-731/2015 under Society Act of Maharashtra Government and with name ’NBNSCOE Alumni Association’. (Hereafter,NAA)
  • UG & PG graduating students use to register NAA as Lifetime Member at the time of completing Leaving Certificate formalities. They get Certificate of Registration with Unique NAA Enrollment ID.
  • Total graduates till 25th June,2018 are 2238
  • Alumni Registered to NAA till 1st March,2018 -1561
  • Transparent Audits and Economics
  • Yearly Scholarship named ‘Krishna-Kamal Scholarship’ of total worth10,000 for proposals of Final curricular Year projects by Alumnus Mr.NageshK. Pathrut
  • Seed Money is given as foundation revenue for Passing out students /alumni who are willing to manufacture a product from his/her prototype to foster entrepreneurship skills of students/alumni
  • The AWARDS with Cash PrizeBy Associationis supposed to declare to motivate, encourage the students for Co-curricular and Extracurricular(Sports) activities.
  • College is strongly connected to alumni via different social medias such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
  • Connections on Social Media till 15th July,2018
    • Facebook Group-‘Constellation titled 'Alumni Association- Sinhgad Institutes, Solapur'’-1991 Members
    • Facebook Page-Alumni Association- Sinhgad Institutes, Solapur-568 likes and 572 followers
    • LinkedIn Official Profile- Alumni NBNSCOE,Solapur- 1305 Connections with Alumni,Staffs,International-National MNCs HRs, CEOs etcs.
    • LinkedIn Official Page-N B NavaleSinhgad College of Engineering, Solapur (NBNSCOE ,Solapur)-824+ alumni 1,082 followers
    • LinkedIn Official Group-Linking up,AlumniAssociation,Sinhgad Institutes,Solapur-12 members
    • Civil Engineering Official LinkedIn Profile- CIVIL Alumni NBNSCOE, Solapur146 Connections
    • CSE Engineering Official LinkedIn Profile-CSE Alumni NBNSCOE, Solapur-200 connection 
    • Electrical Engineering Official LinkedIn Profile - Electrical Alumni NBNSCOE,Solapur175 Connections
    • E&TC Engineering Official LinkedIn Profile- ENTC Alumni NBNSCOE ,Solapur359 Connections
    • Mechanical Engineering Official LinkedIn Profile- MECHANICAL ALUMNI NBNSCOE, Solapur-194 Connections
Governing Body

Alumni Association

Name of Body Member
1Mr. Sanjay S. Navale
M.A.(Geo.) B.Ed., B.P.Ed., M.B.A
Campus Director, NBNSCOE, Solapur
Jt Secretary, SPSPM, Kamalapur
2Dr. Shankar  D. Nawale
 M. Tech. (E&TC), Ph.D. (VJTI, Mumbai & URTV, Italy) , Post-Doctorate
 (LCIS, Grenoble University, France)
Principal, NBNSCOE, Solapur
3Mrs. S. P. Sagat
Ph.D.* (Electronics), M.E (E & TC)
Asst. Prof., NBNSCOE, Solapur
4Mr. Sachin Nawale
M.B.A. ( Marketing + IT) B.C.A

Assistant Registrar NBNSCOE


Dr. S. M. Jagade

PhD., ME (EC) spl computer PhD B.E. (E&TC)


Dr. R. T. Vyavahare

PhD., B.E. (Mech), M.E. (Mech)
Academic Dean,NBNSCOE, Solapur


Dr. S. H. Kshirsagar

Ph.D, MSc.(Physics) B.Ed

6Mr. Nagesh K. Pathrut
B.E. (CSE)(2013-14 Batch Pass-Out), M.Tech.
Senior Software Engineer,
Persistent Systems, Pune
7Mr. Shrirang S. Aurangabadkar
B.E. (Electrical)(2013-14 Batch Pass-Out), PGPPEM
Contract Manager, RIL, Jamnagar, Gujrat
8Mr. Prakash M. Chabukswar
B.E. (Civil)(2013-14 Batch Pass-Out)
Junior Engineer, Solapur Municipal Corporation,
9Mr. Prathmesh M. Deshpande
B.E. (Mech)(2013-14 Batch Pass-Out),
Design Engineer, Ador Welding Limited, Pune
Alumni Association Meets
Alumni Annual General MeetDateNo.of Alumni
First Alumni Meet-1524th Jan,201543
Second Alumni Meet-1628th Feb,201620
Third Alumni Meet-1726th Feb,201788
Fourth Alumni Meet-1824th Feb,201877
Fifth Alumni Meet-1923rd Feb,201972


Sr. No.Date of Body MeetingImportant Minutes of Meeting
124/07/2015Pre-Registration Meeting
225/02/2016Regarding sanction of expenditure of Second Alumni Meet-16
310/01/2017Regarding change in the Post of Secretary of Governing Body
411/02/2017About third alumni Meet
521/03/2017Regarding sanction of expenditure of Third Alumni Meet-17
605/08/2017Regarding Approval of change in documents(Alumni Registration form/No Dues form/Letter Head/Vouchers etc)
724/2/18Regarding Fourth Alumni Meet, Award
828//7/18Regarding Revision of Awards, addition of Members in Body
923/2/19Fifth Alumni Meet and making of Alumni Directory.
Activity Summary & Other activities

Activity Summary & Other activities

Summary of Activities by Alumni Association

Sr No.Activities related to Alumni  organized by AssociationCount
1Annual Alumni Meet10
2Governing Body Meet16
3Guest Lectures Arranged of Alumni17
4Workshop By Alumni14
5Session by Alumnus in Workshop1
6Soft-Skill Training Lecture Series1
7Self Defense Training Program1

Other Yearly Activities by Association

  • Krishna- Kamal Scholarship for Curricular BE projects By Alumnus
  • Seed Money for Alumni who are expecting to develop as Entrepreneur
  • SinhgadArjun Award and SinhgadVikram Award
  • Invitation to Alumni As Judges to various technical events
  • Conveying current activities and all about college to our alumni by Sending E-Connect and Semesterwise Newsletters to Alumni etc.
Sr.NoName of ActivityDateDetails of Activity
Other Activities of Alumni Association in AY2019-20
1MS abroad - preparation required & current experience13th July 2020Mr. Rutwiz Munnoli, Mechanical Engg dept. Batch: 2018
2My Journey from NBNSCOE student to a Professional14th July 2020Mr. Sagar Inamdar, Computer science Engg Dept. Batch: 2014
3Preparation for Government Exam15th July 2020Mr. Sujat Ali
Civil Engg dept.
Batch: 2014
4Life Failures & Road Ahead16th July 2020Mr.Shrirang Aurangabadkar
Electrical Engg dept.
Batch: 2014
5Data Science, Data mining & Cloud Engineering17th July 2021Mr. Jagmohan Bayas
Electronics & Telecommunacation Engg
Batch: 2014
Other Activities of Alumni Association in AY2018-19
1Interaction With students TE-b & SE-A E&TC11th July,2018By E&TC Alumni VigneshRaccha and ShrikantKankutla
2Interaction With students FE Student11th July,2018By E&TC Alumni VigneshRaccha
3Interaction With TE E&TCstudents27th July,2018By E&TC Alumnus DattatrayBhairi
43 Days Workshop on IoT and its Applications27th-29th July,2018By Alumnus Umar Rangrez,CloudRush
Achievements of Alumni
Pass-Out Year and Branch
Achievements & Awards

Mr.Sachin Patil


Senior Software Engineer, Persistent Systems.

Mr.SachinPatil had participated in 'Semicolon 2016' and got third prize across globe Persistent branches.

Mr.Sumit Chinchansure


Senior Software Application Development Associate Consultant,NTT Data,GDS,Pune

Received Best Team Award for one of the project

Active participation in Japanese Buddy Program Award

Mr.Priyal Dudhgundi


Software Engineer, Syntel Pvt.Ltd,Pune

Promoted from AP1 to AP2

Kudos Award for first year

Clients & onsite Appreciation for different tools developed under value add(Tools ,which saves time & manual effort)

Presenting as a SPOC(Single point of contact) for his current Project

Mr.Vighnesh Rachcha


Application Developer Associate, Accenture Services Pvt.Ltd.,Hyderabad


2) Won Annual Accenture Innovation badge for suggesting ideas to improve one of the Accenture official community site.

3) Received Add-on Agnitio Award- Guru (level) (The top most award in Accenture for collaboration)

4) Winner of Get connected challenge conducted by Accenture Mobility Professional Community. Received a prize worth of 200$

5) Winner of #EHTransform competition conducted by Electronic and High Tech professional Community in Accenture.

6) Winner of MEBackToSchool challenge conducted by Media and Entertainment professional Community.

7) Won Add-on Agnitio Award- Rockstar (Second ranked award for collaboration)

Mr.Shrirang Aurangabadkar



contract Manager in RIL, Jamnagar,Gujrat

Competent Communication award in the Toastmasters International for public speaking at Reliance Greens Speakers Club, Jamnagar

Mr.Fazil Kazi,




Assistant Manager,

at Deloitte,Banglore


Promoted as Assistant Manager,

From post Security Consultant at Deloitt

Some other Achievements of Alumni in AY 2017-18

  • Rahul Dudhal (Mech) qualified Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector exam conducted by MPSC.
  • Mr.Rakesh Mallinath Babanagare qualified the PSI exam conducted by MPSC.
  • YadneshBasutkar and ,Mr Ajay Digole has Established a company named ‘Saksham Medicare and services ’ registered with college address with ISO Number.Theane to Company is given with name of son of BE Project Guide Prof S S Hipparagi as Gurudakshina to him. The product of company is the developed product of Final year Prototype designed in BE Project titled ‘Neonatal Jaundice Curing Machine’
  • Alumnus YadneshBasutkar (E&TC) had been appointed as Lecturer in PradhanMantriKoushlyaVikasYojana (PMKVY),Government of India.
  • Alumna AnisaHota(2016-17/Mechanical)had got awarded for an All-Rounder Performance for event "Spot The Star" held in her office @ Accenture
  • Mr K S Survase,(Pass-out-2015-16) on Electrical Department N.B.N.S.C.O.E, Solapur Got 'ऊत्कर्ष' award in Precision Camshaft Ltd which is  for Best Technical Person among 3 machine shop
  • MrSurajPrakashMarje,(Pass-out- 2015-16)won H&PS – Zenith Award for the month of June 2018 in the young Champion Category
  • Ronak Degaonkar achieved the COEP's Post graduation certificate along with the Certificate from Guinness World Records for Prajyot, and became "Officially Amazing"..!!
  • Our E&TC alumni 2013-14 Pass-out batch, Manjunath Mosalgi has won Third rank for his seminar in Cadence User International Conference 2017 on 8th Sept,2017 held at Park Plaza, Banglore.The conference was only for employee and regarding development done by employee by using Candence Authorized tools.He presented one seminar On Optimization of test time and improvement of throughput using Candencetools in VLSI field.He had completed his MTech in VLSI field from AmrutaVishwaVidyalay,Banglore and joined comapy Adept Technology in Banglore recently.
  • SachinPatil,(Alumnus of Computer Science Engineering, NBNSCOE,Solapur,2014 Pass out)
    participated in 'Semicolon 2016' and got third prize across globe Persistent branches. Mr.SachinPatil has joined Persistent in Nov 2014 . He has been working in Persistent Systems since 2.5 years.He is currently 'Senior Software Engineer ' in Persistent Systems.
  • Balkrishna Jadhav(Alumnus-Mechnical-2016-17 batch) has achieved the height of his desire with conquering the height of Mount Everest. He has trek and reach up to the third base camp the Mount Everest in 4-10th May,2018.He is alumnus of mechanical 2016-17 Pass-out batch.
  • Alumnus Prathmesh Deshpande (Mech-2013-14)completed his Mtech from RIT,Sakhrale in 2018
Alumni Meet Events

Dear Alumnus, We would be immensely delighted to invite you to the Seventh Alumni Meet on 27th February, 2021 at 10am. Let’s all catch up on the old times and walk down the memory lane and talk about the future. We would certainly want your continued and valued association with our esteemed institute. 

Spare your valuable time to register yourself using the following link before 21st February 2021. Schedule is attached in this form for your reference:

We look forward to your gracious presence.

Welcome back!

Respected Sir / Madam/ Alumni/ Students, Please Join us for the 7th Alumni Meet Live on YouTube on 27th Feb 2021 at 10.30am. Please find the YouTube Link below,

Youtube Live link:




Pass-outs AlumniPer Batch and NAA Registration Total

Pass-out Batch










































Total UG Graduates







NAA  UG Registration







PG Alumni=1561

NAA Registration as per economic year

Economic Year

Alumni Registered to NAA in EY










248(till 2ndaug)



Contact Us

Contact Us

Alumni Association of N. B. Navale Sinhgad College of Engineering, Solapur


Opp. Solapur University, Solapur Kegaon, Solapur-Pune Highway

Dist. Solapur, Pincode- 413255


Prof. K. S. Bhosale,

Central Alumni Coordinator,



+91- 9834949196


Departmental Alumni Coordinators:

Sr. No.Name of StaffDepartmentMail-ID
1Prof. Surwase Atul BE&
2/Prof. Kulkarni Supriya
3Prof. V V
5Prof. Lagdive Pradeep



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