Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

Dr. Pradeep P Tapkire
HEAD, Department of Civil Engineering

Department at a Glance


It gives us immense pleasure to take you to the Department of Civil Engineering (CED) through the portal. The department was established in the A Y 2011-12 from the day of establishment with a dedicated and devotional team of faculty members, we started our journey to develop a cadre of civil engineers.

While operational on the mission we have developed 11 laboratories worth more than 79 lacks to deliver excellent classroom and laboratory training.

To add to the core value of the department a postgraduate programme specialization in structure is started in 2013-14.

We would like to take this as an opportunity to bring up some of the statically analysed facts, achievements, and activities of the department also to provide consolidated information with an accurate description of the activities of the Department since the establishment.

The Department is actively involved in basic and applied research and consultancy and provides high-quality technical advisory support through various R & D projects and consultancy to various private and Government organizations.

The Department is well known because of our multi-talented alumni. Several former UG and PG students of this department are in various prestigious corporates, in different sectors like academia, research organization, industry, government bureaucrats etc.

The Department disseminates the knowledge gained from its high-quality research through training programs and interacts with renowned personalities through workshops and conferences.

As per the vision and mission, our aim is to deliver the best to our students, to society and the nation.

The portal is a valuable source of information to take into the requirements of diverse viewers and readers with a useful and informative picture of the Department’s performance over the past Eleven years.


" To build up the preeminent department of civil engineering as measured by the quality of dedicated faculty, the impact of intellectual output and reputation for domain excellence through value-based education.”


  • To breed a specialized cadre of civil Engineering generation through learning by providing forward-looking education, enhancing multidisciplinary research and performing broad-based service.
  • To drive the development of innovative technologies that enhance the performance and sustainability of civil and environmental infrastructure

Long Term Goals

  • To establish recognized center for testing of materials
  • To create reputation for domain specific consultancy
  • To develop the association with the reputed civil engineering organizations
  • To offer proficient Theoretical and Practical teaching to face industry challenges

Short Term Goals

  • To excel the class room teaching and quality of lab work
  • To establish campus connection with industry
  • To improve the personality of students and the staff
  • To reach to all nearby concerns of construction industries for various services offered by department
Staff CED

Sr. NoName of Faculty        QualificationDesignationTotal ExperienceMail IdPhoto
1Dr. P.P.Tapkire         Ph.D.Civil(Structures)Associate Professor &
2Prof. G. C. Jawalkar*Ph.D.Civil(Structures)   Assistant
3Dr. K. C. MujawarPh.D. , MSc (Geology), D. Pharm, B.P.Ed., GDC & AAssociate
4Prof. Y.N.BansodeM.E.Civil(Structures)Assistant
5Prof. V.M.GaddamM.E.Civil(Structures)Assistant
6Prof. S. B. TanawadeM.E.Civil(Structures)Assistant
7Prof.P P WaychalM.E.Civil(Structures)Assistant Professor 10
8Prof. S.B. AwareM.Tech.(Construction Management)Assistant
9Prof. A.G.ChavanM.Tech.(Geotechnical Engineering)Assistant
10Prof. L.K.JangamM.E.Civil(Structures)Assistant
11Prof.Mrs. M.D.LatkeM.Tech.(Environmental Engineering)Assistant 
12 Mr. N A MadaneBE (Mechanical Engineering)Technical
13Mr. S.N.Mhetre Diploma(Civil Engineering)Technical

Lab PhotoLab Name(Area)Lab Details (Major Equipments)
 Geotechnical Engineering Lab (144.5 sqm)Direct Shear Test Apparatus, Vane Shear Test Apparatus,  Sand Replacement Test Apparatus,  Core Cutter Test Apparatus, Plate Load Test Apparatus, Standard Penetration Test (SPT) Apparatus, Triaxial Test Apparatus
 Testing of Material Lab      (72.25 sqm)Universal Testing Machine (UTM), Torsion Testing Machine, Hardness tester, Imapact Test Apparatus, Tile Flexure Apparatus
 Transportation Engg Lab             ( 72.25   sqm)Ring & ball apparatus, electrically heated,  Standard tar viscometer,  electrically heated, Thermometer, Thickness gauge, Thermostatics Lab Oven, Universal penetrometer with in-built timer 
 Engg Geology Lab (72.25 sqm)Various Types of Rocks, Various Types of Minerals, Structural Models
 Environmental Engg Lab (144.5 sqm)Autoclave, BOD Incubator, COD Digester, Digital Conductivity Meter,  Jackson Turbidimeter, Jar test apparatus, Muffle Furnace,  NaphaloTurbidimeter, Ph meter Elico Model LI 120:Range, TDS meter  table top, Water Quality analyser Elico, PE-138
 Computer Lab (72.25 sqm)Computers and Softwares, Printers – Canon LBP-2900, Epson LX-1177 , Epson LX-300, LCD Projector – Sony, Epson, Scanner - HP            
 Fluid Mechanics Lab (72.25 sqm)Bernoulli's Theorem Apparatus, Friction In Pipe Lines Apparatus, Notch Apparatus, Metacentric Height Apparatus, Impact of Jet On Vanes Apparatus, Reynold Apparatus, Pitot Static Tube Apparatus, Venturimeter, Orificemeter, Study of Pipe Fittings, Centrifugal pump, Flow over broad crested weir
 Concrete Technology Lab (144.5 sqm)Compressive Test Machine (CTM), Vicat’s Apparatus, Slump test Apparatus, Compaction Factor test Apparatus, Acclerated Curing Tank, Sp. Gravity Test Apparatus
 Surveying Lab (72.25 sqm)Plane Table set, Prismatic Compass 4" dial, with M.S. Stand, Ranging Rod  ( in 2 sections ), Total Station, Transit Theodolite
Guest Lectures

Guest Lectures

Sr. No.Name of TopicName of Speaker Designation & OrganizationCoordinatorMonth & YearNo.of Student attendedNo.of faculty attended
1   StaadPro, EtabsSuresh G.CESA PuneProf S B TanawadeJan. 2020553
2    Rock MechanicsDr. N.J. SathePrincipal, Polytechnic College, PuneDr K C MujawarJuly. 2019 432
SMC Permission Arch.Mahesh PatilArchitect, SolapurProf P P Tapkire Feb. 2019 603
4  Remote Sensing And GISDr. Vinay DikshitAssociate Professor,    Dayanand College, SolapurProf P P Tapkire Feb. 2019 603
Requirement of RERAEr. Abhijeet GodseConsultant, SolapurProf P P Tapkire Jan. 2019 1805
6  Advanced Geotechnical EnggDr V S MathadaProfessor, BIT BarshiProf G C Jawalkar Sept. 2018 542
Physical Exercise for mental healthDr Padmaja GandhiHomaeopathic, CounsellerProf K S Bhosale Sept. 2018604
8  Career GuidanceSatish AwareAsst. Prof. NBN Sinhgad College of Engg, SolapurProf L D Siddhe Sept. 2018 783
Exposure to ERP SoftwareMr. Shivaraj PatadeEDSS, Pune Prof L D Siddhe Aug. 2018 534
10An Integrated Approach to ground water exploration using remote sensing and GISDr V M DikshitAssociate Professor,    Dayanand College, SolapurProf L D SiddheJuly. 20185012
11An Integrated Approach to ground water exploration using remote sensing and GISDr V M DikshitAssociate Professor,    Dayanand College, SolapurProf L D SiddheJuly. 20185012
12An Integrated Approach to ground water exploration using remote sensing and GISDr V M DikshitAssociate Professor,    Dayanand College, SolapurProf L D SiddheJuly. 20185012
13Practical Aspects of Mix DesignMr. Vinayak A HanchateMEP Infrastructure, LtdDr. V G Mathada    Prof. L D SiddheOct. 2017582
14Engineering GeologyDr. P D MaliHead Geology Dept. Walchand College of Arts and ScienceDr. K C Mujawar   Prof. L D SiddheOct. 2017482
15Remote Sensing and Image ProcessingDr. V M DixitAsst. Prof. Dept. of Geology, Dayanand College, SolapurDr. K C Mujawar   Prof. L D SiddheOct. 2017513
16Advances in Concrete TechnologyEr. Hemant P JainRegional Technical Head, Ultratech Cement Ltd.Prof. P P Tapkire Prof.L D SiddheSept. 2017984
17Carrer Opportunities after GraduationMr. Ram S WaghDirector Aakar Foundation, PuneProf. P P Tapkire Prof.L D SiddheSept. 2017782
18Change in Climatic ConditionEr. Suresh V Sodal Member of WRE Dept. MumbaiProf. P P Tapkire Prof.L D SiddheSept. 20171225
19Pre-Engineered BuildingDr. Milind A MahajanProfessor VIIT, PuneProf. G C Jawalakar Prof.L D SiddheSept. 2017784
20Tunnel EngineeringDr S B Joshi Asst Prof. Walchand Arts & Science, SolapurDr. K C MujawarOct. 2016684
21 Water Conservation of Hipparga Lake Bhakti Jadhav & Mahesh Mane Social Worker , NGO Jalsamruddhi, SolapurProf. P P TapkireSept. 2016745
22Geologival investigation for DamsProf. R L Jagzap HoD , Dayanad College SolapurDr. K C MujawarSept. 2016722
23General Awareness for Medical fitness for girl students Dr Mayuri DokePractitioner, SolapurProf. K S BhosaleSept. 2016382
24Meditation for World PeaceProf. Shriniwas Kondapure Member, Heartfulness Spiritual Organization P S DussaSept. 2016483
25Ethics in Civil EngineeringEr. Chetan Loni, Project Manager, Landmark Project, SolapurProf. M Y SatheAug. 2016723
26Awareness about EnterprenurshipA K ShaikhHOD, Mech Engg, NBNSCOE, SolapurProf. M Y SatheMarch. 2016304
27Water Management under Chatrapati Shivaji maharaj GovernanceEr. Anil PatilJaltadnya, Madha Dist. SolapurP P TapkireFeb. 201615412
28Koyana Hydrulic Power Project with lake tappingEr. C R Chopade, Rtd, Executive Engineer, PWD, PuneProf. V M GaddamFeb. 20161028
29Dams in HimalayaPadmvibhushan Dr. K S Validya Rtd. V.C. , Nainital University, UA Dr. K C MujawarSept. 201515813
30Design of DamsDr M D Patil Principal , BIGCE, SolapurProf. A V PatilSept. 2015474
31Importance of Geology In Civil Engineering Dr Prabhakar Director, School of Earth Science,  Solapur University, SolapurDr. K C MujawarSept. 2015723
32River Linking in IndiaDr M D PatilPrincipal , BIGCE, SolapurProf. A V Patil15-Sep658
33Maiwan FormworkEr. Chetan LoniProject Manager, Landmark Project, SolapurProf. M Y Sathe15-Aug558
34Awareness of Civil Engg Softwares Experts from Indo German Tool Room undertook training SkillEr. Rushikesh Ghadge Marketing Executive, IGTR, AuragabadProf. P S DussaMarch. 2015552
35Different views about Enterprise resource planning .Anish SahastrabudheEvent Manager, Prop. of Spice n IceProf. M Y SatheFeb. 2015384
36Modern Formwork in Civil Engg.Mr. Chetan LoniProject Manager, Landmark Project, SolapurProf. M Y SatheSept. 2014706
37Hydrology & Watershed ManagementDr. A B NarayanpethkarGeologist, Shri Shri Art of LivingDr. K C MujawarSept. 2014653
38GIS & Remote SensingDr. G RavishankarScientist D, National Geographical & Remote Sensing InstituteDr. K C MujawarSept. 201415010
39Lect. on Art of LivingBy Art of Living Art of LivingProf. J G Kulkarni14-Feb582
40Character Building (Personality Development)Mr. Arvind Bhande Tejgyan FoundationProf. P  S DussaSept. 2013758
41Fluid MechanicsDr. Khandekar Prof. P P TapkireSept. 2013604
42Orientation lect. On AutocadAshwath ComputersAshwath Computers, SolapurProf. P  S DussaSept. 2013452
43Orientation lect. On AutocadSept. 2013452
44Orientation lect. On AutocadSept. 2013452
45Interlinking of RiversDr. M D PatilPrincipal , BIGCE, SolapurProf. A V PAtilMarch. 2013455
46Use of MSP & PrimaveraMr. Chetan LoniProject Manager, Landmark Project, SolapurProf. M Y SatheMarch. 2013212
47Induction CAD trainingAshwath Computers Ashwath Computers CAD center solapurProf. P  S DussaFeb. 2013482
48Induction CAD trainingCAD center solapurProf. P  S DussaFeb. 2013482
49Induction CAD trainingSanjay Computers SolapurSanjay Computers SolapurProf. P  S DussaFeb. 2013482
50Dam & TunnelDr P  T Sawant HoD, Walchand Arts & Science College, SolapurDr. K C MujawarSept. 2012426
51Civil Engg. aspects in planning & AestheticsEr. H. N. SomaniStructural Consultant, FIEProf. J G KulkarniAug. 2012324
52Mock GRE testPrinceton reviewPrinceton ReviewProf. P P TapkireAug. 2012753
53Requirements of IT industryAmit Chilka SynechronProf. P P TapkireAug. 2012605
54Sustainable  DevelopmentShri. Arun DeshpandeWater Bank, AnkoliProf. M Y SatheAug. 2012705
55Oversea educationPrinceton reviewPrinceton reviewProf. P P TapkireJuly. 2012564
56Computational Fluid Dynamics and its applicationsDr. Nagaraju Rao Nanosys Pvt. Ltd., HyderabadProf. J G KulkarniFeb. 2012353
57Scope of Civil Engg. and  Challenges in Civil EngineeringEr. H. N. SomaniFounder President, Solapur Local Center – I.E.(I)Prof. J G KulkarniOct. 2011434
58Geological Importance of Earthquake Engg.Dr Prabhakar School of Earth Science,  Solapur University, SolapurDr. K C MujawarSept. 2011354
59Stress ManagementMrs. Alka Kakade Career CounsellerProf. M Y SatheMar. 2011444
Student's Achievements

Student's Achievements

Acad YearName of StudentDetails
2019-20Yashraj DongareBest outgoing student of institute & Civil Dept
Niharika MerguBest student coordinator (Female)
Civil Engg departmentGrabbed general championship for sports in Umang 2020 (Enthusia)
Yashraj Dongare,Niharika Mergu, Harish Choudari, Akash Gaikwad & Rushikesh KamtamPresented research paper “Development of village as a Smart village” in international conference on Introspection, Prognosis & Strategy for global water resources organized by Sameer Gandhi Kala Mahavidyalaya, Malshiras, Dist Solapur on 7 January 2020
Yashraj Dongre, Akash Gaikwad, Apurva Patil, Harish Choudhari, Gourav KharatPublished research paper “Analysis of soil to suggest proper crop pattern from Pakharapur area, Taluka Mohol, District Solapur, Maharashtra” in Journal of  Information & Computational Science (ISSN: 1548-7741) Volume-9, Issue-12, December-2019
Priyanka Sangepag, Annapurna Bingi,              Soumya MangrulePublished research paper  “A Review on Valuation of Buildings, Vehicles, Machines and Equipments” in International Journal of Research in Engineering, Science and Management (ISSN Online: 2581-5792)  Volume-2, Issue-11, November-2019
Karan Gaidhankar,        Vaishnavi Kale, Kedar Fulari,  Arab AbubakarPublished research paper “A Review on Comparative Study between Girder Bridge and Extradosed Bridge by using Software” in International Research Journal of  Engineering and Technology(e-ISSN: 2395-0056, p-ISSN: 2395-0072) Volume-6, Issue-11, November-2019
Pradnya Badkhal,  Nisha Singam, Pratibha MadolePublished research paper  “A Review on Application of Sustainable Energy or Renewable Energy” in International Journal of Research in Engineering, Science and Management Volume-2, Issue-11, November-2019
Prajakta UnhaleSelected & played for National level Volleyball team
Somnath GaikwadSecured second rank at Solapur university Best physique competition in  65-70 kg weight category
Civil Engg departmentGrabbed Best Participating Department award with 130 participating students in Technosinh 2020
Acad YearName of StudentDetails
2018-19Onkar Mohite Sachin Shinde Shailesh Sathe Audumbar Mhetre, Ashwin Chavan, Supraja Patil, Madhura KarkarPublished research paper in International Journal of Information & Computing Science, and Cikitusi Journal for Multidisciplinary Research, an ISO:7021-2008 certified journal on BE project work.
Lakhan Gaikwad Mahesh PiskeWon first prize at national level technical symposium Orchitech for Mega Structure roof truss.
Prajakta Unhale1.Selected for state level volleyball matches at Mumbai.                      2.Published research paper “Geomorphological and Landuse/Land cover Studies in Aprupa Watershed Basin, Tal: Sangola, Dist: Solapur, Maharashtra.” in JETIR.
Prajakta Unhal Vaishnavi Kale Aarti ChavanSecured third prize in university level volleyball matches.
Civil Engg departmentBest Participating Department Award at Technosinh 2018
Amir Godikar Aquib KamaleReached upto grand finale of Startup India Maharashtra Yatra for project- Manufacture of M-Sand
Ganesh Basutkar Somnath GaikwadSecured second place in Best Physic competition in Solapur University
Prathmesh Pawar Sagar ParveThird in University 400m relay competition
Rohini ChalwadiThird in University Athletics competition
Dharati Ingale Mohini Ubale Niharika MerguSuccessfully shouldered theme of Solapur University Youth Festival, “Ek Paul Stri Sanmanakade”
Acad Year
Name of Student
2017-18Mayuri LatakeSecured 9th rank at Solapur University BE with 82.86%
Aamir Godikar, Aquib Kamle, Aamir Pathan & Ansar PathanInternship at UltraTech Cement Ltd
Project “Manufacturing Sand Exercise” sponsored by UltraTech Cement Ltd (Solapur Region).
Shaikh Aves, Mundewadi AdnanSecond Prize in ‘Power Point presentation’ competition in Kirloskar Vasundhara Film festival 2017
Shaikh Simran, Jadhav Priyanka, Patil KaveriStood sixth in Quiz Competition in Kirloskar Vasundhara Film festival 2017
Onkar Argiddi Secured Gold Medal in Swimming at Solapur University competition.
Prajakta Unale, Arati Chavan & Vaishali Kale Winner in University Volleyball Competition
Amir Godikar, Ganesh BasutkarSelected for Best Physic in University competition
Abhishek GadadeParticipated in NSS cleaning camp at Pandharpur 
Umpire of SDTBCA, Selected for TPL state level cricket league, participated in state level football & tennis ball cricket tournament
Swati Sathe & Vidyasagar Bansode Achieved highest percentage in BE University exam till date
Foreign Internship

Foreign Internship

Students Internship in Foreign Countries
Acad.Year Name of StudentsParaticulars
2017-18Shubham GadaThree Months Internship at Ural Federal University in Yekateriburg, Russia
Virendrasinh Maindargikar
2016-17Harshwardhan DeshmukhThree Months Internship at Ural Federal University in Yekateriburg, Russia.
Suraj Baldava
Rushikesh Fulari
Student Projects
Lab Innovation Projects

Lab Innovation Projects

Academic YearSemesterNo. of ProjectsNo. of StudentsAwards/ Recognition
2016-17VII & VIII1287one of project selected for Krishna Kamal Scholarship
2015-16VII & VIII854Group I got First Prize at  5 institute and second prize at 1 instituie  & Best Project in Prayog 2K 2015
2014-15VII & VIII5532nd Prize WITchar National Symposium                               
2013-14VII & VIII3233rd Prize WITchar National Symposium.                                               2nd Prize at SKN Korti,   National Symposium, Pandharpur


SY Civil Result of University Exam Nov/Dec 2019

RankName of Students


1Rutuja Vidyanand Babar76.35
2Khandoba Vitthal Tele72.94
3Shreyas Prabhakar Salgar70.82

TE Civil Result of University Exam Nov/Dec 2019

RankName of Students% Marks
1Priyanka Balaji Channa75.38
2Mrual Mukund Mali75.13
3Shahabaj Mohammad Shaikh72.63

BE Civil Result of University Exam Nov/Dec 2019

RankName of Students

% Marks

1Karan Kumar Gaidhankar81.88
2Niharika Vivekanand Mergu80.12
3Yashraj Pravin Dongare78.47


SE Civil Result of University Exam March/April 2019

Sr. No.RankName of StudentsTotal Marks(1700)

% Marks


11Mali Mrunal Mukund131177.12
22Chavan Sandip Kisan127074.71
33Channa Priyanka Balaji124673.29
44Gajul Rakesh Vitthal129771.18
55Kurapati Ajay Narasayya117669.18


TE Civil Result of University Exam March/April 2019

Sr. No.RankName of StudentsTotal Marks(850)

% Marks

11Gaidhankar Karan Kumar68480.47
22Harwalkar Vijayalaxmi Laxman67279.06
33Makandar Aasif Yunus66578.24
44Vibhute Dhanamma Prakash66378
55More Aishwarya Balasaheb66277.88

BE Civil Result of University Exam March/April 2019


Name of Students

% Marks


Somnath Mohan Patil



Supraja Satyavan Patil



Aishwarya Prakash Bachute



Sr.No.Academic YearClassName of the Student% MarksClassRank
12017-18SEShitre Nikita Prakash751st
2More Aishwarya Balasaheb73.942nd
3Gaidhankar Karan Kumar73.413rd
4Harwalkar Vijayalaxmi Laxman73.294th
5Arab Abubakar Alim735th
6TEPatil Supraja Satyavan72.181st
7Bachute Aishwarya Prakash71.652nd
8Patil Somnath Mohan69.353rd
9Godikar Amir Nasir69.294th
10Mitthakol Vinit Nagesh68.185th
11BELatake Mayuri Dnyaneshwar83.241st
12Gangul Ishwar Balalji81.412nd
13Yangante Shruti Channappa81.123rd
14Chavare Swapnil Sainath81.004th
15Doiphode Atish Sambhajirao79.355th



Result Analysis - AY 2012-13 to 2016-17





Sr. No.
Organisation with which MoU is signed
Name of the institution/ industry/ corporate house
Academic Year of signing MoU
1Education Institute & ConsultancyHITESH LAHOTI & ASSOCIATES, Pune2017-18Two Years
2Production & Research IndustryUltra Tech Cement, SolapurFive Years
3Education InstituteAbhinav GATE Institute, Solapur Two Years
4Consultancy Engineering Design Software & Services Pvt Ltd, Pune.Two Years
5Structural ConsultancyMatrix  Structural  Consultancy ,  Pune.2015-16Two Years
Workshop /FDP/STTP/Seminars/Conference Conducted

Workshop /FDP/STTP/Seminars/Conference Conducted

Academic YearSemesterName of Course/Topic/Subject etc.ConvenerName of Resource PersonDuration (hrs./days/weeks)No. of participants
2020-21IIPAH Solapur University, Solapur sponsored one day seminar on “Water supply system in smart city Solapur & automation in water supply systemProf. Mrs.K S Bhosale

Mr Trimbak Dhengale-Patil Solapur

Er. Madhusudan Gotipamul Pune, 

Er. S. K. Usturge, Solapur, 

Er. Venkatesh Choube , Soalapur


2019-20IIREVIT ArchitectureProf P P TapkireMr. Vinod Sakhare, Solapur16 May to 20 May 202087
2019-20IIPAH Solapur university sponsored one day seminar on "New trends in transportation survey & construction techniques"Prof P P TapkireEr. Prashant Kakade- Central Institute of Road Transport, Pune                      Er.Shrikant Gaikwad- Sub-Engr, PMC, Pune25 Feb.202092
2019-20IIPAH Solapur university sponsored one day seminar on "Advanced concrete technology"Prof P P TapkireProf Ajay Mali Walchand college of engineering, Sangli10 Feb.202094
2018-19IISeminar on "Catch Them Young"Prof P P TapkireEr Hemant Jain,                Er Balkrishn Kulkarni, Regional Technical Head,UltraTech Cement, Solapur04-Mar-19150
2018-19IWebinar on "Cement-A wonderful chemical in repairs"Prof L D SiddheEr.Hemant vadalkar26/7/201880
2018-19ISeminar on "Civil Engineering Softwares"Prof L D SiddheEr Hitesh Lahoti08-02-1895
2018-19IWorkshop on "Concrete Mix Design"Prof Y N BansodeMr Amir Godikar,          Aquib Kamale12 to 13/10/201860
2018-19INational Conference on New & Emerging Technologies for Water Resources"Prof P P Tapkire

Shri Anil Patil, Chairman, Maharashtra Vikas Kendra, pune        Prof P Prabhakar, Director School of Earth Sciences, SUS, Solapur     Dr J D Nadargi, Postdoctoral Fellow (Brain Korea, Swiss Federal)Dr V M Dikshit, Dayanand College,Solapur Dr Steven Evett, North America                               Dr David J Lampert, Oklahoma State University  Prof Li Hongquan, China VP & Prof Kaushik Indian VP  Prof Basy Otto, Director, Markes & Enterprise Program World Resources Institute

27 to 28 July 201876
Academic YearSemesterName of Course/Topic/Subject etc.ConvenerName of Resource PersonDuration (hrs./days/weeks)No. of participants
2017-18IWorkshop on “Overview of Bentley STAADPro Software”Prof Mrs K S BhosaleMr.Shrinivas Chary A, Regional Sales Manager, Capricot Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mumbai10-Aug-17125
2017-18ISeminar on "How to use Latex Software" Prof Mrs K S BhosaleDr. I. M. Chandargi, Asst Prof, NBNSCOE8-Sep-1757
2017-18IIThree days workshop on "C Programming" Prof Mrs K S BhosaleProf A V Mophare, NBNSCOE30 Jan to 1 Feb 201872
2017-18IISeminar on “Guidance Program for GATE”Prof Mrs K S BhosaleMr Shankar Wadne, Abhinav Institute for GATE, Solapur16-Jan-1895
2017-18IITraining of PRIMAVERA Software Prof Y N BansodePehla Job, Pune  - -


A.Y. 2012-13 to 2016-17

Research and Publication

Research and Publication

Paper Title
Published Date
Vol. / Issue
Journal / Conference Name
(International/ National)
Prof P P Tapkire
12319-7064 Comparative Study of High Rise Building using INDIAN Standards and EURO Standards under Seismic ForcesJul-15Vol-4, Issue 7IJSRInternational
22249-6866Gear Study And Rigid Pavement Methodologies and Analysis For Boeing 747Jul-15Vol- 5, Issue 2IJCSEIERDInternational
Prof. G C Jawalkar
  2393-8374 Finite Element Analysis On Precast Concrete Connections Subjected To Seismic LoadsSep-17Vol-7, Issue 7IJCESRInternational
 2347-3878 (UGC Sr. No. 48096)Analysis of Blast Loading on Structural ComponentsJul-17Vol-5 Issue 7IJSERInternational
 2321-0613Feasibility Study of Castellated Steel Beam with Its Parent Beam June 2017Vol-5, Issue 1IJSRDInternational
 2456-3307Time History Analysis of the Buildings on Sloping Ground June 2017Vol-2  Issue 4 IJSRCSEITInternational
 2393-8374Second Order Analysis Of  RCC Chimney For Different ElevationMay-17Vol-4, Issue 7IJCESRInternational
 2347-3878 (UGC Sr. No. 48096) Effect of Blast Loading on Steel ColumnsApr-17Vol-5 Issue 4IJSERInternational
 2300-5963 Behavior of Precast Concrete Connections under Seismic Loads Using femMar-17Vol-2, Issue 2JBCENational
 2321-0613Feasibility Study for Substructure of Aluminium alloy over Steel Roof TrussFeb-17Vol-4, Issue 11IJSRDInternational
 2319-7064Review on Comparative Study of Steel and Aluminium Alloy Roof TrussJan-17Vol-6 Issue 1IJSRInternational
Prof. L D Siddhe
 0970-275X A Review On Package Treatment Systems For Domestic WastewaterJanuary 19-21, 201749th Annual Convention of IWWAIWWAInternational
Prof. J G Kulkarni
 e- 2348-4470      p- 2348-6406Analysis Of Multistoreyed Building With Twisted Hexagonal ShapeMay-16Vol-3, Issue 5IJAERDInternational
 e-2393-9877         p-2394-2444 Review On Seismic Analysis Of Building With Multilevel Parking And Elevated Swimming Pool With Garden AreaMay-16Vol-3, Issue 5IJARESTInternational
 e-2393-9877,      p-2394-2444Assessment Of Improvement In Properties Of Plain Cement Concrete By Using Basalt FibreMay-15Vol-2, Issue 5IJARESTInternational
 e-2393-9877         p-2394-2444Assessment Of Compressive Strength, Split Tensile Strength And Flexural Strength Of Cfrc With Fly Ash May-15Vol-2, Issue 5IJARESTInternational
 2348 – 8352Effect of Mineral Admixtures on Properties of Polymer Modified Self Compacting ConcreteJun-15Vol-2, Issue 6SSRG-IJCEInternational
 e-2393-9877         p-2394-2444Draft Handbook On Structure With Reinforced Concrete Portal Frame Without Cranes Using Limit State MethodMay-15Vol-2, Issue 5IJARESTInternational
 2278-0181Retempering Of Concrete Made By Using Artificial Sand Containing Superplastciser & retaMar-15Vol-4 Issue 3IJERTInternational
 2248-9622 Seismic Response Of Reinforced Concrete Braced FramesJul-Aug 2013Vol-3, Issue 4IJERAInternational
 2319-8354  Analysis Of Partially Braced Multistoreyed Building Frames Subjected To Gravity And Earthquake LoadsAug-13Vol-2, Issue 8IJARSEInternational
 2277-3754Analysis of Multi-storey Building Frames Subjected to Gravity and Seismic Loads with Varying InertiaApr-13Vol-2, Issue 10IJEITInternational
Prof. K S Bhosale
 ConferenceRainwater Harvesting System for Sinhgad Institutes, Kegaon, Solapur, Maharashtra - A Case Study July. 2018 NETWAR-2018National
 ConferenceOptimization of Cross Girders in T-Beam Bridge SuperstructureFeb. 2017 ITRDC2017National
 2321-7758 Alternative Forms Of T-Beam Bridge Superstructure For Four Lane Bridges – A Study By Grillage AnalogyMay-June. 2016Vol-4, Issue 3IJEROInternational
  2278-621XAlternative Forms of Two Lane T-Beam Bridge Superstructure – Study by Grillage AnalogyMay-15Vol-5, Issue 3IJLTETInternational
Prof. Y N Bansode
 e- 2277 – 4106, P- 2347 – 5161 Effect of Braces on Framed Machine Foundation for Turbo Generator17-Jun-17Vol-5, Issue 3IJCETInternational 
Prof. R R Badeghar
 2277-3754Second Order Analysis of Slender Hollow Circular PierApr-12Vol-1, Issue 4IJEITInternational
Prof. S B Tanawade
 2394-3696Seismic Response Of Reinforced Concrete Concentrically A-Braced FramesMar-16Vol-5, Issue 2IJIERTInternational
 2248-9622Seismic Response Of Reinforced Concrete Braced FramesJul-Aug 2013Vol-3, Issue 4IJERAInternational
 2277-3754Analysis of Multi-storey Building Frames Subjected to Gravity and Seismic Loads with Varying InertiaApr-13Vol-2, Issue 10IJEITInternational
Prof. V S Mathada
 2321-9653Study Of Effects Of Polyester Fibers On Compressive Strength Of ConcreteJan-16Vol-4, Issue 12IJRASETInternational
 2319-7064Seismic Performance Of Circular Elevated Water TankDec-15Vo-4, Issue 12IJSRInternational
 2319-7064 Effect of Container Height on Base Shear of Elevated Water TankDec-15Vol-4, Issue 1IJSRInternational
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 e- 2319-1163,     p- 2321-7308Spacial Distribution Of Risk And Reliability In SlopesMay-14Vol-3, Spe.Issue 3IJRETInternational
 2248-9622Slope Stability Assessment – A Comparison Of Probabilistic, Possibilistic And Hybrid ApproachesApr-08Vol-3, Issue 2IJPEInternational
Dr. K C Mujawar
 ConferenceRainwater Harvesting System for Sinhgad Institutes, Kegaon, Solapur, Maharashtra - A Case Study Jul-18 NETWAR-2018National
  Soil Geochemical Dispersion Pattern Around Molybdenite Deposits In  Koheda Area, Karimnagar District, TelanganaMar-18 International Journal of Creative thoughts International
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Prof V M Gaddam
 ConferenceRainwater Harvesting System for Sinhgad Institutes, Kegaon, Solapur, Maharashtra - A Case Study July. 2018 NETWAR-2018National
 2278-621XGeotechnical investigations for barrage site-a case studyJan-18Vol-9, Issue 3IJLTETInternational
Workshop /FDP/STTP/Seminars/Conference Attended

Workshop /FDP/STTP/Seminars/Conference Attended

Sr. No.Academic YearSemesterName of  FacultyConference/ SeminarLevelTitle of Conference / SeminarOrganiserDate/s
12019-20IIProf K S Bhosale, Prof Y N Bansode, Prof V M GaddamTEQIP-III Sponsored One week online FDP NationalRecent Advances in Civil & Structural EngineeringGovt COE Karad & Govt COE Nagpur15 to 19 June 2020
22019-20IIProf K S BhosaleTEQIP-III Sponsored One week online FDP NationalRecent Advances in Civil EngineeringVJTI Mumbai & Engineering College Ajmer 2 to7 June 2020 
32019-20IIProf K S BhosaleWebinarStateInfrastructure Planning- An A. I. ApproachKDK COE, Nagpur30-May-20
42019-20IIProf K S BhosaleOne day webinarNationalKick start your Research workSchool of CSE, Jain university30-May-20
52019-20IIProf K S BhosaleWebinarNationalPune Metro Rail ProjectAISSMS COE Pune, J Kumar Infra Projects Ltd29-May-20
62019-20IIProf V M GaddamWebinarStateMATLAB ONRAMPMathWorks Training Services 22-May-20
72019-20IIProf S B Aware  StateLegal aspects of civil engineeringDr Daulatrao Aher COE, Karad21 to 22 May 2020 
82019-20IIProf K S BhosaleWebinarNationalIndian seismic codes IS 1893:2016 and IS13920:2016RMK Engg College, Kavaraipettai, TN 18 to 22 May 2020
92019-20IIProf S B AwareOnline FDPNationalOutcome based education: A step towards excellenceGovt COE, Karad11 to 15 May 2020 
102019-20IIProf K S BhosaleWebinarStateCase Study of Failures in Civil Engineering ProjectsKDK COE, Nagpur30 April.2020
112019-20IIProf K S BhosaleWorkshopUniversityInnovation, Startups & IncubationElectrical Engg Dept, NBNSCOE, Solapur 10 Feb.2020
122019-20IIProf K S Bhosale, Prof V M Gaddam, Prof L D Siddhe, Prof S B AwareWorkshopUniversitySyllabus framing of TY BTech of PAH University, SolpaurPAH Solpaur University, Solpaur30 Jan.2020
132019-20IProf G C JawalkarQIP Short courseNationalMarine Infrastructure Development : Efficient Design of Ports, Terminals, Waterways & Coastal StructuresIIT BombayDec.2019
142019-20IProf K S Bhosale, Prof R R Badeghar, Prof S J BirajdarFDPNationalEarthquake Resistant Design of StructuresKhaja Bandanawaz College of Engg, KulburgiOct.2019
152019-20IProf P P TapkireConferenceInternationalInternational conference Emanate & Innovative Trends in Engineering, Management & Sciences-2019 …..Sept.2019
162019-20IAll facultiesSTTPNationalLaboratory Safety & Management (ICTSPL02)  NITTTR, Kolkata through ICT mode.Sept.2019
172019-20IAll faculties STTPNationalAnalysis & Design of Shallow Foundation (ICT10) NITTTR, Kolkata through ICT mode.26 - 30/8/2019


Academic Year
Name of  Faculty
Conference/ Seminar
Title of Conference / Seminar
2018-19All faculties of DeptConference NationalNew & Emerging Technologies for Water Resources (NETWAR-2018)NBNSCOE Solapur 27-28/7/2018
2018-19Prof J G Kulkarni, Prof P P Tapkire, Prof G C JawalkarWorkshopRegionalStructure & Syllabus of M. Tech. (Civil-Structures)Solapur University, Solapur 17/7/2018
2017-18Prof Mrs K S BhosaleSeminar RegionalDuctile design and detailing of Reinforced concrete structuresUltra Tech Cement 14/7/2017
2017-18Dr K C MujawarConferenceNationalMultidisciplinary Research in Geo-environmental studies for sustainable developmentSolapur university15-16/9/2017
2017-18Prof Mrs K S BhosaleSeminarRegionalStudent Centered Teaching Learning ProcessNBNSCOE, Mechanical Engg Dept26-27/11/2017
2017-18Prof M Y Sathe, Prof V M GaddamWorkshopRegionalRegionalHeritage & Citizenship Training WorkshopSolapur University & Senior Journalist, Intach Solapur  Chapter13/7/2017
2017-18Dr V S MathadaWorkshopNationalIntellectual Property Rights in India Bhagwant's COE, Barshi25/11/2017
2017-18Dr V S MathadaTechnical MeetingRegional5th Techno Societal Theme Meeting on Advanced Technologies in Service of Rural IndiaSVERI's COEP4-5/11/2017
2017-18Prof K S Bhosale, Prof V M Gaddam, Prof L D SiddheWorkshopUniversityTE Civil Syllabus RevisionWIT, Solapur12/10/2017
2017-18Prof P P Tapkire, Prof Y N Bansode, Prof V M GaddamSeminarRegionalRevised Indian Seismic CodesISSE & NKOCET25/11/2017
2017-18All faculties of DeptFDPLocalWriting of Research ProposalsNBNSCOE, Solapur4-5/11/2017
2017-18Prof J G Kulkarni, Prof P P Tapkire, Prof Y N Bansode WorkshopRegionalManufacturing Sand UltraTech Cement, Solapur12/3/2018
2017-18Dr K C MujawarSTTPUniversitySTTP on Multidisciplinary Approach in Geoenvironmental Imact AssessmentSolapur University25/5/2018
2017-18Prof Mrs K S BhosaleWorkshopNationalPrecast & Prefabricated structures ACCE Chennai29/06/2018


Faculty Achievements



Acad Year

Name of Student



Dr K C Mujawar

Best teacher award-2019 of NBNSCOE

Prof S B Aware

Qualified GATE 2020 with score : 37.02

Acad Year
Name of Staff
2016-17Prof P P TapkireMoU Signed with Matrix Consultancy, Pune
Prof Mrs K S BhosaleConducted 19th IIRS-ISRO Outreach Program on “Remote Sensing & GIS Applications in Carbon Forestry”(16/2/17 to 10/3/17
Conducted 20th IIRS-ISRO Outreach Program on “Microwave Radar Remote Sensing and its Applications”(10/4/17 to 21/4/17)
‘Best Teacher Award' for AY 2015-16
Prof S B Tanawade‘Best Teacher Award' for AY 2015-16
Mr Nitin Tad Best Employee Award for 2015-16
2015-16Prof. R S Chavan Registered for Ph.D. in VTU 
  Prof. P P Tapkire Visited Rwanda, Africa & delivered Civil Engg subjects
Prof R R Badeghar
Prof Mrs K S BhosaleCompleted ETABS Software Training 
Prof. P P Tapkire‘Best Teacher Award’ of NBNSCOE for 2014-15
Dr K C Mujawar
Acad YearName of StaffDetails
2017-18Prof P P TapkireSigned MoU with Ultra Tech Cement, Solapur
Prof R R BadegharBest Teacher Award 2016-17 of NBNSCOE
Prof R S Chavan Felicitated for 100% student’s feedback
Mr Abhijeet NashteBest Employee Award 2016-17 of NBNSCOE 
Prof Mrs K S Bhosale In top 2% , Gold medal in NPTEL course Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures, 
Elite Certificate in course Reinforced Concrete Road Bridges conducted by IIT Kharagpur


Testing and Consultancy

Testing and Consultancy

Consolidated Summary for Testing and Consultancy Work For FY 2019–20.

Sr. No.

Title of Project


Funds Received


Testing of Concrete Cubes


Rs 3300.00


Determination of Bearing Capacity of soil

Nagar Parishadh , Umarga

Rs 15000.00


Determination of Water points


Rs 3000.00




Rs 10000.00


Structural Audit of Netaji Prashala, Mohol.

Netaji Prashala, Mohol

Rs 1500.00


Consolidated Summary for Testing and Consultancy Work A.Y 2018-19

Sr. No.
Title of Project
Funds Received
1Concrte Cubes, Bricks and AAC Block TestingSolapur Infracons Pvt.Ltd, Hindustan Eco Tech PVT.LTD, A SQUARE BUILDINGRs. 34250
2Concrete Mix Design

Sai Samarth Constructions,

 The Indian Hume Pipe Co. Ltd., SEKOS Constructions, D.R. ENGINEERS Pvt.Ltd.

Rs. 46000
3Structural Audit of wellJamgaon GrampanchayatRs. 2000
4Soil TestingPandhe Infracons Pvt.Ltd, SolapurRs. 24000
5Ultratech -Industry Institute Interaction - M sand Testing Ultratech Building Solution 
6Techno Social activity at village Kondi. Layout of SabhamandapKondi Grampanchayat 
Sr. No.
Financial Year
 Testing Charges in Rs
 Consultancy Charges in Rs
Total in Rs
1FY 2012-13000Testing and Consultation Done for campus Construction Work
2FY 2013-1464501200018450Testing and Consultation  Done for External Agencies
3FY 2014-1542350042350Testing and Consultation Done for External Agencies
4FY 2015-16630006300Testing and Consultation Done for External Agencies
5FY 2016-1769504200048950Testing and Consultation  Done for External Agencies
 Grand Total =6205054000116050 
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