Academic Performance Ambiance

Feedback on Academic Performance & Ambiance

NBNSCOE being affiliated institute adopts the course of study that PAHSUS University developed. Our faculty members enhance the curriculum throughout its delivery by contributing their own knowledge and experience, bridging the gap between academia and industry and making students employable in this fiercely competitive global marketplace as per exceptions of New Education Policy(NEP-2020). Through interactions with the industries, feedback regarding the expectations and requirements of the corporate sector regarding the skill set of students is gathered. The faculty members are then informed of these industry expectations, and additional courses and add-ons courses (viz. SDP, VAPs, MOOCs, VLabs Practicals etc) are being conducted for the ever-changing job market. Furthermore, the Institute requests feedback regarding expectations for academic achievement and ambiance from its various stakeholders, including employers, teachers, students, and alumni. The stakeholders provide input on a regular basis, which is then utilized to improve the curriculum and raise students' general competency for performance and employment. After meticulous analysis, the feedback comments are brought to institute head through department head. After consulting with the principal, the head of the department makes the ultimate choices. Based on all improving suggestions, the department head and other faculty members recommend the necessary corrections to the Board of Studies by email or in person during the meetings that the Board of Studies (BoS) holds to revise the syllabus. 

Action Taken Report