Student Welfare

Student Welfare Committee

List of the Students’ Welfare Activities as best practices in N B Navale Sinhgad College.

  • Tuition Fee Relaxation scheme for most deserving students [other than TFWS] with the help of faculty
  • Career Guidance programs for Junior College Students
  • Counseling for the Admission procedure for passed out students of standard XII (‘Praveshacha Gateway’)
  • Compilation of the master data of students eligible for Educational Loan and providing necessary linkage between needy students and Banks.
  • Banks offer education loan to students fulfilling their criteria, at their discretion. College works as facilitator
  • Students’ Council involvement in various activities providing a chance to develop leadership skills and qualities
  • A sizeable number of Extra Curricular Activities - Sports & Cultural
  • Co-curricular Activities –Encouragement for Participation in Mini Projects/ Project Based Learning/various competitions within the institute as well as outside Institute at State and National level
  • Encouraging students to publish research papers in reputed National and International journals and conferences
  • Sustenance scholarships to the most deserving students from outside organizations/donors. We have tie-ups with some organizations in this regard.
  • Incubation Center and Center for Research and Technology Development, Sinhgad Institutes, Solapur encourage students to carry out interdisciplinary projects leading to product development
  • Alumni provide scholarship for the best innovative and application based projects
  • Student Training Programs  - Technical Skill development /Technical Knowledge Enhancement / Soft skill development Programs by Professionals/ Trainers/Experts from institution and outside
  • MOUs for student development – Tie ups with Foreign Universities- students do/did their internship projects in Universities in Russia, Ukraine, Greece etc.
  • Preparation for various Competitive Examinations through various Cells
  • Counseling Cell- Counseling of the students for Time Management, Stress Management, Overall Personality development etc.
  • Women Grievances Cell- Various women empowerment programmes including self-defense programmes
  • Book Bank Scheme
  • Study tours / Industrial Visits / Internship programs


Best Outgoing Performers

Student Welfare

Student Council 

Dr. S. H. Kshirsagar

(Student Council Incharge)

Student Council List 

Name of Students
1Mr. Sangmeshwar Swami MechanicalBEGeneral Secretary
2Mr. Chandrashekhar VarkaleCSEBECultural Secretary 
3Mr. Mangesh  ChoudharyMechanicalBENSS Secretary
4Ashwini  ChavanE&TCBELadies Representative 
5Shweta K JangamElec.TELadies Representative 
6Mr. Dasi NavinE&TCBETechnicalSecretary
7Mr. Deepak GadagadeMechanicalBEED Cell Coordinator
8Miss.Rajani KangaleCSEBET&P-Coordinator
9Miss.Amruta  HaridasMechanicalTEMagazine Secretary
10Mr. Shrinivas Sarate MechanicalBEHSCC Coordinator 
11Miss. Mohini  UbaleCivilBEAlumini Coordinator
12Mr. Shanmukh  BandgarMechanicalTEDocumentation Coordinator
13Mr. Ganesh  BasutkarCivilBESponsorship coordinator
14Miss. Neha AwateCSEBETechno Social Coordinator
15Mr.Onkar  MohiteCivilBESpecial events Coordinator
16Miss.Aditi  BirajdarCSETETalent of Youth Coordinator



Student Council Activities

Gymkhana/ Sports report

It is my great pleasure to present the annual sports report for academic year  2015 - 16. Which  have  not  only  lived  up to  expectation  of  all students  but  also moved a  step ahead. I am proud to put it on record that in the academic year 2015-16 our students participated in various sports events in State, National and University tournaments like Cricket, Badminton, Table tennis, Volley ball, Chess, Football, Kho-Kho, Basketball, Swimming, Diving, Athletics, Fencing, Judo, Handball.

Dr. K. C. Mujawar 


Name of StudentBranchName of EventUniversity RankAchievement
Ms. Shilpa Dasari CSEJudo& TaekwondoGold MedalSelected @
Ms. Shewtambari MalapENTCFencing (Girls)Gold MedalSelected @
Mr. Rutwij MunnoliMechSwimming2 Gold & 2 Silver MedalSelected @
Mr. Pranav EkboteMechSwimming2 Gold & 1 Silver MedalSelected @
Ms. Gautami RajulCSECricketSelected @
Ms. Jyoti UmadiENTCKabbadiSelected @
Mr. Amit VadveraoMechHandballSelected @
Ms. Shreya LokhandeCivilVolley BallSelected @
Ms. Ankushe MonicaMechHandball & Valley BallSelected @
Ms. Aishwarya KshirsagarCivilValley BallSelected @
Ms. Anjali sharmaENTCValley BallSelected @
Ms. Simple DhanawaleElectricalTaekwondoGold MedalSelected @
Mr. Sajid VasanCivilBody BuildingSilver Medal

Inter College Competition secured 3rd Place.















National Level Bronze medal in Fencing Competition



Cultural Club

Staff in Charge

Prof. S P kulkarni.

(Cultural Cordinator)

  1. Prof. A S Kulkarni (CSE Dept. Coordinator)
  2. ENTC
  3. MECH
  4. CIVIL

Student in Charge

Cultural activities Report 2016-17

It gives me immense pleasure to present a cultural report of academic year 2016-17. Our Students participated in Solapur University Youth Festival held in Pandharpur. Our Students won third Prize in Folk dance (Sayali Jadhav & Group) and second prize (Akanksha Shejal) in English Elocution of Youth Festival.

The most awaited cultural program that is, annual social gathering ‘’Umang 2017” inaugurated on 4th January 2016 by Our Campus Director Hon. Sanjay Navle sir and Prof. A.M. Kalje, Dean Academic. First day started with Fun Fair in morning followed by  Art competition, Singing competition. In cultural night of first day we had mime, solo dance and fashion show competitions.

Next day was celebrated with Traditional Day competition in Presence of Campus Director Hon. Sanjay Navale Sir, Chief Guest Shivratna Shete & Director DSW Hon. Hanmant Mate. Shivratna Shete Sir gave inspiring speech on Shivaji Maharaja’s Biography. Then it is followed by Group singing competition and Mr. & Miss. Sinhgad Competition.  In Cultural night students enjoyed the band performance, group dance competition and Prize distribution.  

Cultural Championship award won by ENTC department and Sport Champioship award is won by Civil Department. All students volunteers with Student council and staff members worked hard for the grand success of Umang 2017. We also celebrated Police Shaheed diwas  on 21st October 2016. For this function DCP Hon. Namdev Chavan Sir guided the gathering.  We also celebrated National Youth Day on birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Prof. Sunil Kulkarni gave speech on life & Teachings of Swami Vivekananda.  We also celebrated Marathi Diwas in Presence of Famous Singer Ravindra  Sathe,  Poorvi Bhave, Shamika Bhide, Singer Prathmesh Lagate & Well known actor Vighnesh Joshi. We also had cultural night on occasion of ITRDC 2017 on 17th February 2017. Campus Director Hon. Sanjay Navale Sir,  Dr. R.K. Singh, Dr. S. H. Pawar, Principal Dr. S.D. Nawale sir & many scientists were present for the same.

I would specially like to extend my word of gratefulness towards our Campus Director Hon. Sanjay Navale Sir, our Principal Dr. S.D. Nawale Sir and all HOD’s for their continuous support & encouragement. I also thank all Departmental coordinators Prof. Aniket Kulkarni, Prof. Anand Shimpi, Prof. R.S. Chavan, Prof. R.D. Deshmukh, Prof.S.T. Waware, Prof. V.A. Potdar, all coordinators of various committees and students council members Harshwardhan Deshmukh, Sayali Jadhav, Shilpa Dasari, Pranit Yelmali, Ashish Patil and all the Teaching, Non-teaching staff, all students and  judges of various events for success of Umang 2017. Thank You.


Prof. S. P. Kulkarni

Cultural Coordinator

E D Cell

E D Cell

The ED Cell of NBNSCOE was established so as to set up an environment  for boosting up the entrepreneurial mindset amongst students.

In this year, we had organized a “ 3D (Three dimensional) talk show in association with Rotaract Club of Solapur  wherein Senior and established entrepreneurs from various field of solapur city as well as the budding entrepreneurs and Engineering students had been called to participate in this talk show. The objective of the talk show was to bring all  these three dimensions together for the development of solapur as far as the entrepreneurship is concerned. This talk show has got overwhelming response from the students and learnt many things from the practical suggestions from the senior entrepreneurs.

Also we had organized a unique session for last year engineering students named as “ High Time talk time with Anish Sahastrabuddhe”.

The program was in the form of interactive session.The students were expected to ask any question related to Stress Management, Confidence level, Career related questions, relationship building, Entrepreneurship etc. Students asked many questions on various issues and Mr. Anish sahastrabuddhe tried to answer those questions satisfactorily.

Also ED cell is looking forwards towards MoU with various organization and institutes for the aspiring entrepreneurs in the campus.

1. “ High Time talk time with Anish Sahastrabuddhe”. 

Interaction with Students.

Career guidance & Higher Education cell

Career guidance and Higher Education cell (CGHEC)


Staff Name



Dr. S. M. Jagade

Member (Mech)


Ms. P. G. Shirsikar

Member (Electrical)


Mr. R. S. Jamgekar

Member (CSE)


Mr. V. M. Gaddam

Member (Civil)


Mr. Balaji Shrichippa

Member (E&TC)

How it works?

  • Guidance and counseling for personal grooming
  • Gate preparation through Gatetutor
  • Online video lectures

But not limited to all above.

Career guidance and Higher Education cell (CGHEC) NBNSCOE Solapur 413255

Budget 2017-18

Sr No
Estimated budget


Swift Infocom Gate tutor




Online video lectures by Vidyalankar


New(E&TC and Mech)


20 Computers with internet and furniture




Invited Talks of resource persons




Books and other learning material




Cupboard small







Activity Reports

  1. Date: 26/07/2017

  2. Date: 03/08/2017

  3. Date: 11/09/2017 

UG Fellowship at Foreign Universities

UG Fellowship at Foreign Universities 

Prof S H Kshirsagar

UG Fellowship Coordinator 
AY 2017-18
UG Fellowship June 2018
List of Students selected
Name of student
Year and Branch
Selected for University
Dharti Ingale,TE CivilUral Federal University, Russia

Priyanka Jadhav


TE CivilUral Federal University, Russia

Ritesh Kokane


TE CivilUral Federal University, Russia

Jay Jakkal


TE Mech.

University of Tor Vergata Rome, Italy.


Onkar Madhekar


TE Mech.

University of Tor Vergata Rome, Italy.


MD Zaid Abdul Hamid Shaikh


TE Mech.National Technical University of, Ukraine Kyiv Polytechnic University, Ukraine.

Shubham Chelekar


TE Mech.Technical University of Sofia (TUS) Bulgaria

Mahammad Gaus Jakir Shaikh.


TE Mech.Technical University of Sofia (TUS) Bulgaria
UG Fellowship June 2017
Name of the Student
Siddharth S. BhandariNational Technical University of Ukraine Kyic Polytechnic InstituteMech.T.E 
Shubham Sanjay GadaUral Federal University Russia CivilTE 
Virendra R. MaindargikarUral Federal University RussiaCivilTE 
Prathamesh A. NavareNational Technical University of Ukraine Kyic Polytechnic InstituteMech.TE 
Manish Mahesh GurbaniAthensInstitute of Technology, GreeceENTCTE 
Chinmay P DamodareUral Federal University RussiaMech.TE 




Dr. S. H. Kshirsagar

(Scholarship Coordinator) 

  1. Rajarshi Shahu Scholarship: of the Maharashtra State Government,
  2. For the all rounder student from reserve category, University level
  3. Krishna-Kamal Scholarship 
  4. P. N. Gadgil Scholarship 

Activities in A. Y 2017-18

Krishna kamal Scholership 2017-18


Activities in A. Y 2016-17

  • Felicitation of Ashwini Chauhan at UMANG 2k17 and at PNG receiving check of Rs. 21800/- as a Scholarship.










  1. Krishna-Kamal Scholarship Sponsored by our Alumnus Mr. Nagesh Krushnkant PathrutKrishna-Kamal Scholarship: of  Rs, 10,000/- per year

Project groups selected for this scholarship.

1) Mr. Yadnesh Basutkar and Group ( ENTC Dept.)

2) Mr. Nadeem Dongari and group ( Interdisciplinary)

3) Mr. Krishna Gaikwad and Group ( Electrical Dept.)

4) Miss Aishwarya  Nimbalkar and Group( CSE Dept.)

Sr. No.


Title of Project

Student Name

Allotted Scholarship



Design & Development of a Unidirectional Shake Table

Nadeem Riyaz Dongari & group




Design and Development of Portable Phototherapy for Neonatal Jaundice using Super LED

Yadnesh Shrikant Basutkar & group




PLC based SOLAR Tracking System With Automatic Load Changer

Onkar Manoj Kamegaonkar & group




An Attribute Assisted Re-ranking Model for Web Image Search

Aishwarya Arun Nimbalkar& group





National Service Scheme (NSS)

Prof. S. H. Lamkane

(NSS Cordinator)

Staff in Charge

Student in Charge

Activities Report(Regular and Special Camp) 2016-2017

Sr. No.

Title of Activity

Dates of Activity

Particulars of Activity



Tree Plantation


Plantation of 100 trees in college campus in front & school.

Plantation of 240 trees at Nannaj bird sanctuary, Nannaj

Govt Target 2 crore tree plantation on 1/07/16


Cleaning camp


Cleaning of Siddheshawar temple area  

On the occasion of Shravan.


Digital India Workshop


10 NSS volunteers participated in the digital India work shop conducted by Solapur University Solapur in collaboration with Govt. of Maharashtra.



Blood Donation Camp and Tree Plantation

30.12.16 and 31.12.16

111donor donated the blood to Akshay Blood Bank and Plantation of 50 trees in college campus in between CSE and ENTC building.

On the occasion of birthday of President Prof. M N Navale Sir


Voters Day


50 NSS volunteers participated in Voter awareness rally

On the occasion International Voters Day


Special Camp “Clean Mohol and Cashless Mohol”

25.01.17 to 31.01.17

Around 50 NSS Volunteers participated in the camp. During the morning sessions of the camp, NSS volunteers cleaned the different areas of Mohol along with servants of Mohol Nagarparisadha, Mohol. In Afternoon Sessions, volunteers did shop to shop campaigning of Cashless / online transactions. In evening sessions, volunteers did door to door campaigning for awareness of cleaning and cashless transactions’ by distributing pamphlets to people.



Free Health Checkup camp for women’s


Blood test for HB count was carried out for 493 girl students.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day


Internal Complaint Committee & Sinhgad Hirkani Cell

Internal Complaint Committee & Sinhgad Hirkani Cell

Dr. S H Kshirsagar

(Presiding Officer ICC Cell)

Prof. Mrs. S. P. Sagat 

(Institute Coordinator-  Sinhgad Hirkani Cell)

AY 2017-18 Activities Report

  1. MENSTRUAL Cycle and its Hygine.
  2. Self defense program.
  3. ICC Introduction at Induction Program of DSE


AY 2016-17 Activities 

The following programs have been conducted during the academic year 2016-17 under Women Grievance Cell.

1. Self Defense Training Camp

As per the guidelines from Hon. Principal and Administrative Dean we conducted a “Self Defense Training Camp” for our third year and final year engineering girl students. The schedule of the program was as follows. It was a free of cost training camp.

Training Schedule

Sr. No.WeekDept.TimeVenue
130 Aug.2016- 3 Sept. 2016CSE

8:30a.m to 9:30a.m.


Seminar Hall in Electrical Building
26 Sept. 2016- 10 Sept. 2016E &TC
319 Sept. 2016- 23 Sept. 2016Electrical, Civil, Mech.


Ms. Shilpa R. Dasari BE-CSE

Ms. Simple L. Dhanwale BE-Electrical

Ms. Gautami P. Rajul BE-CSE

2. Expert Lecture on Medical Fitness

An Expert Lecture on Medical Fitness was organized  on 22nd Sept.2016 at our campus. We invited Dr. Mrs. Mayuri K. Date to deliver an expert lecture onGeneral awareness of Medical Fitness”. She gave an insight to Medical Fitness from Ayurveda point of view.

Felicitation of Ms. Gautami P. Rajul (BE-CSE) for conducting Judo Training
  1. Half Day workshop on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) ,Act 2013

Speaker: Adv. SarojaniTamshetty, Practicing Advocate in District Civil Court, Solapur.

Date: 28/02/2017

Time: 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Venue: Sir M. Visvesarayya Conference Hall

No. of Students participated: 158

No. of Staff Participated: 35

The guest speaker explored the knowledge of the “Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013” to the audience. She explained the circumstances, situations under which the women can impose the complaint. The Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) composition and the rights of it are also explained. This speech was followed by question & Answer session. All the staff and students did take part in it enthusiastically.

The Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) at institute level has also been formed and it is notified to the students in the program.

                Certificates of participation have also been given away to all the students and staff. All the students registered and also provided feedback for the same.

Adv. Sarojani Tamshetty exploring the Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace, Act 2013